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Scanned Contracts:2004
Date File Scaning Time
2018-10-17 03:11:34 1 - 副本.sol 4.109 Second
2018-10-14 11:42:01 test.sol 0.703 Second
2018-10-13 10:17:55 Storage.sol 0.198 Second
2018-10-08 02:16:28 SNT.sol 6.75 Second
2018-09-29 06:57:31 test.sol 0.344 Second
2018-09-29 03:20:17 DVP.sol 2.266 Second
2018-09-29 03:19:50 DVPlock.sol 0.656 Second
2018-09-26 15:15:12 hkt.sol 1.203 Second
2018-09-26 15:13:14 hkt_合并.sol 3.266 Second
2018-09-26 10:45:37 SUB.sol 1.266 Second

ONE-STOP Service
Smart Contract Development & Audit

We have dozens of technical experts in the field of block chain, making an intensive study of  smart contracts. And we will submit the smart contracts to customers after completing a full set of professional audit. Customers can save much time and much energy.


Why Audit your Smart Contract?

We audit your contracts to identify vulnerable code, whether it’s logic flaws, using unsafe design patterns, or not following best practices. The report from the audit can be publicly referenced and shared with your investors to instill confidence.

Advantages of Smart Contract Audits?

An increase in code audits would help to show the openness of this budding industry. Not only that, but it would have the obvious benefit of mitigating bugs and vulnerabilities, thereby making the whole blockchain ecosystem visibly safer.

Who needs the Smart Contracts Audit?

Smart Contracts Developers
Owners & Managers of ICO Startups
Product Owners of Decentralized Apps
Anybody Who Needs Trust of Stakeholders & Investors